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They submit. You review and edit as submissions roll in (optional). We do all the layout design work and make it available to download!

Lastly, print options are available.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be techie?

Not at all! Creating a new book is done in 2 minutes. We'll send you a link to a form you'll send to your group, asking them to fill it. You'll review the submissions and make needed edits in a simple spreadsheet. Once you are happy, let us know and we'll export your fully designed PDF

Tell me about printing options!

We have a great printing partner who creates beautiful bound books (both soft & hard cover). None of this goofy spiral-bound stuff; it's the real deal! They ship almost anywhere. See "Printing Costs" below...

What's the cost?

How much per eBook download?
With the exception of gift books, Our PDF download cost is only $5.00 USD per copy. Each copy is individually licensed. Anyone with the unique link we provide you with can securely buy it off

What if I don't want my team to have to pay?
We offer very reasonable bulk license options by capping our eBook per license rate at 100 licenses before we stop charging ($500.00) So, for example, if you plan to distribute 60 copies it would cost $300.00 (60x5), but for 9,000 copies just $500.00.

How can I make money?
We offer profit sharing, so if you want to earn from downloads you can! Let us know what to set the price at. We take our $5, you keep the rest! Have an exceptionally large following you are planning to sell to? We can work with you to reduce our rate. Contact us!

What if I'm a not-for-profit / service club / church or school?
We are usually willing to reduce our rate depending on your project. Contact us! (link below)

Printing Costs
We can quote you based on the order quantity, number of pages, type of paper, cover options (hard vs. soft) and custom cover design needs. We provide you with your eBook first, then you can let us know your needs.

Custom Gift Books Cost
Because custom gift books are generally only prepared for the single recipient or couple, we charge a little more ($120.00 USD for our service)

Team Recipe Book

Boost company culture by bonding over the love of food! Everyone shares & discovers each others' favorite recipes

Industry Guide

Pull together insights of industry thought leaders or your staff for your conference or as a company onboarding resource

Tribute Gift Book

A perfect retirement, anniversary, or birthday gift. Or a way to honour the life of a loved one who has passed on

Church Directory

Compiling contact info, bio, and pictures of your church or team members is SO easy! Just share a form link to your group

Conference Book

Give a collection of your speakers' writing samples or key points to provide your attendees immediate value from the start

School Fundraiser

So little effort and no risk. Compile student poems or recipes. Presell using a PDF, and order only what you need!

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