TJ Zastrow

why crewbooks?

My grandpa was turning 88 when my grandma reached out and asked if I could help her make a book for him for his birthday...

Her idea: "The people he's made an impact upon throughout his life could each contribute a little tribute or memory"

He is a special man, and people sure did let him know it! He was SO touched! We all were! His reaction was priceless, so I knew I had to make it super easy for others to bring together to do this.

Team Recipe Book

Boost company culture by bonding over the love of food! Everyone shares & discovers each others' favorite recipes

Industry Guide

Pull together insights of industry thought leaders or your staff for your conference or as a company onboarding resource

Tribute Gift Book

A perfect retirement, anniversary, or birthday gift. Or a way to honour the life of a loved one who has passed on

Church Directory

Compiling contact info, bio, and pictures of your church or team members is SO easy! Just share a form link to your group

Conference Book

Give a collection of your speakers' writing samples or key points to provide your attendees immediate value from the start

School Fundraiser

So little effort and no risk. Compile student poems or recipes. Presell using a PDF, and order only what you need!

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